3 Fabulous Pizzas to Heat Up Your Day

October 29th, 2020

What a wonderful idea it was to slather some delicious sauce on to some dough, put on toppings and toss it in an oven. That small idea has now turned into a worldwide phenomenon that draws in $145 billion every year around the globe. According to the Pizza Magazine, the North American pizza industry comes second in size only to Western Europe which was the birthplace of Italian cuisine. The American pizza industry is worth 47 billion USD and is only expected to grow in the years to come. The food has quickly become a favourite among Americans which can be seen from the fact that on an average almost 15% of Americans are likely to have pizza on a day. This statistic is even higher among younger American males, among who almost 50% eat a pizza on any given day.
Given the popularity among young Americans for pizza, it is only understandable that various variations of this dish have been prepared in America. Whether it is the New York slice or the Chicago deep dish, Americans have taken the pizza and remodeled it to suit their taste buds.
However, there are still some evergreen pizzas that have been reigning over the hearts of the people for ages, and are definitely going to be around for a long time.
1. The Classic American pepperoni pizza : While in old Italy, “peperoni” had nothing to do with meat, and was in fact a type of bell pepper, the word pepperoni said to any American is sure to sound of the pizza association in their heads. The thinly sliced salami became a hot favourite pizza topping, due to the need to mass produce pizzas and has long been the most preferred American pizza topping. 53% of Americans, in a recent survey, said that they prefer pepperoni toppings on their pizzas versus the various other options that were presented to them. Any pizzeria that operates within the bounds of the American territory, makes sure to carry this evergreen classic on their menu as a sure shot success. The fact that this pizza is easy to create, and has just basic ingredients makes it the chefs favourite, and also flies off the menu due to the love it has generated across ages.
2. Deep Dish Pizzas : When the pizza fever hit America, and reached Chicago, the natives brought about a delicious modification to this preparation. What is now known and loved as the deep dish pizza, was first invented in Chicago in the 1940s and took America by storm across the coming decades. While the traditional pizzas had a thinner crust and the sauce would be the first thing to do on top of the dough, the deep dish has a thick layer of dough, followed by all other ingredients being placed in the reverse order. The result of this innovation, is a pizza that feels almost like a cake in terms of slice size, and has a thicker crust, a larger bite, and more than expected flavour due to the abundance of toppings, cheese and sauce, which the thicker size gives it the liberty to accommodate. Once you bite into this slice of heaven, you will know what the rage has been all about, and while the Italians might cringe at this messy and twisted variation of their classic pies, there is no arguing, that the flavour makes the effort and the mess completely worth it.
3. Barbecue chicken Pizzas : If we know anything about the Americans, it is that they love their barbecue. Nothing says a great American holiday like a barbecue grill, some classic wood chips, and meat of your choice. If we know anything else about the Americans, it is that they consume chicken in hundreds of pounds per person per year. Put these two things together, and you have a love story that has taken over the American heart and soul and tugs at the heartstrings of any food lover in America. The classic, barbecue chicken. The love for barbecue chicken in America is to the extent that this dish is eaten as a side, as a main and in any other form that one can think of. It didn’t take long to put this American favourite on top of a pizza too, and like everything else this combination worked like magic as well. Barbecue chicken pizzas soon became one of the most loved toppings on the menu of pizzerias and the sweet and tangy combination worked like a charm to attract diners to restaurants.

Now while one might be inclined to argue that there are several other evergreen pizzas that are loved across America, and we would agree, but these three are the ones that have stood and are sure to stand the test of time for a long time to come. Another trend that is soon catching up and gaining popularity is vegan pizzas. Mushrooms are soon catching up with other toppings to become of the most popular items but it still has some way to go before it can match the popularity of pepperoni which is the current king of pizza toppings.

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