Amicci’s Pizza – Serving People During Pandemic

June 18th, 2020

It’s safe to say our habits have changed, our lives have changed, our world has changed. The recent pandemic has brought out the best and worst in people. What Amicci’s wants everyone to take away from it, is just how helpful, selfless and essential our hospital workers are. During non pandemic times, these people put their lives on the line for us. During pandemic times, they are putting it all on the line for us. To do our part, Amicci’s has donated thousands of pizzas to our local hospitals. Our drivers worked tireless around the clock, filling vehicles with over 100 personal pizzas at a time. Equipped with Masks, Gloves, and knowledge on No Contact Delivery, our drivers got the food cleanly and safely delivered time and time again.

Speaking of No Contact Delivery: we offer both Curbside Pickup and No Contact Delivery. Just ask for it when you place your order, better yet select either option at checkout when you order directly at Our staff can run the food right to your car window. Our drivers can leave your order at your doorstep. We are doing our part to help feed and deliver Detroit and Hamtramck the best pizza, salads, Italian dinners, and more! We are also encouraging to pay by credit card online. This helps our process of minimizing contact during these difficult times!

If you do decide to stop in to either of our locations to pick up your order, you’ll notice we’re taking extra steps to help limit the spread of COVID. You will see hand sanitizer in our lobby, our entire staff in gloves, masks, and practicing social distancing as best they can. You may also notice partitions and separations that leave at least 6 ft from you and our staff. it’s not that we don’t love our customers and to be close to them, but this is a requirement from the health department that we are abiding by extraordinarily diligently. always keep in mind, that if you prefer not to wait in our lobby you can always wait in your car, and we will call you or run your food out to you whenever it is ready. We plan to continue offering these services even after the lift of the stay-at-home order. We feel like it’s a great service to our customers, and we are more than happy to do this at any time.

Although many local concerts and event have been cancelled, keep in mind you can always order Amicci’s and enjoy it with your family! It pairs great with a family gathering Zoom meeting! It’s also a great reward after a long day of homeschooling kids. Speaking of homeschooling, Amicci’s would love to cater your next graduation party, or event. we do ask that you practice social distancing and continue to abide by the governor’s rules.

We look forward to returning to normal conditions, but in the meantime we encourage you to stay at home, minimize going out, and getting Hot Delicious Amicci’s delivered! Governor’s orders!

It’s our way of saying thank you with pizza! We are always looking for more opportunities to work with more essential workers and hospitals. Please contact us if you have any more leads on how we can help those, who help us most.
Be sure to check out our Press section of our website for most updates on this. Also, check out the Founder of Amicci’s pouring his heart out for essential workers with Local Newscaster Sandra Ali!
Many families have done Mini graduation parties and ordered Amicci’s for a small family private event of 10 people or less. It’s a great way to reward your star student of the family