Covid and How It’s Affecting the Pizza Industry

August 29th, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic has brought our several unprecedented challenges to the lives of commonplace Americans. While on one hand, we are experiencing the extraordinary courage of health care providers, the pandemic has crippled whole industries to the curb.
With the exception of a few businesses that have reported growth, most industries are seeing a decline of paramount proportions, forcing them to approach the government for relief to sail through these difficult times.

Among the hardest hit industries are aviation, entertainment and hospitality. While larger formats such as hotels and resorts have been hit by an indefinite shut down, smaller formats such as restaurants have also faced the wrath of the pandemic as it continues to dig its claws into the economy. Losses in the restaurant industry as estimated by NRA are expected to be larger than USD 200 billion, and will continue to increase as the possibility of a vaccine in mass production to be released this year seems unlikely. As the losses begin to pile up with the virus spread showing no signs of slowing, businesses are being forced to take measures such as laying off employees and introducing pay cuts.

The situation that has thus evolved has left both large and small business owners struggling to find means to keep themselves operational. While larger businesses have fallen back on their cash reserves and started discounting heavily, smaller local businesses have remained afloat by changing their business framework to facilitate and expand their delivery to doorsteps. While this might not be enough to churn profits, the support of the local communities for these businesses has helped them to stay sustainable so that they can still be operational when the world goes back to normal. Some restaurant owners have also started to supply groceries to local residents, to introduce a new stream of revenue for the business. In such times, it is a difficult balancing act for the owners to ensure the health and safety of their own employees and also keep the restaurant running.

In Michigan, where the virus spread has shown some signs of slowdown, businesses are looking at reopening with due caution. However, the apprehension of the public towards closed spaces and government regulations might still mean that operations at full capacity are a distant dream. The new guidelines released by NRA elaborate on several directives that have been laid out for restaurants to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for employees as well as visitors to the restaurants. Social distancing, masks, temperature checks, seem like the pre-requisites in case restaurant owners consider resuming operations, along with several other guidelines.

Even though dining out seems like it would take a lot of work, according to a recent report, Americans are finding solace in their favourite foods to wage through these tough times, as demand for pizzas has seen an increase. Chains such as Amicci’s Pizza in Michigan has remained operational throughout the lockdown to deliver Michigan’s favorite steaming hot pizzas and cinnamon breads.

As local business owners, these chains are committed to the health and safety of their consumers as well as their employees and have made their patrons happy by ensuring quick and fast delivery of their favourite foods to the comfort of their homes. As America enters a very crucial winter with the upcoming election period Michigan can be sure that they will be able to binge watch the debates while crunching on their favourite crusts from Amicci’s as they watch the presidential debates.