Happiness Home Delivered by Amicci’s

September 24th, 2020

Pizza and pasta might have originated in the by lanes of Italy, but they have quickly transformed into some of the most favourite foods around the world. According to a survey by Food Network, not only does Italian cuisine win the prestigious title the world’s favourite cuisine, it is also America’s second most favourite food, besides their own cuisine, trumping various other very popular cuisines such as Mexican and Chinese.

Now this cheese and deliciousness loaded pie might be an Italian native, but it has quickly and very strongly made its place in the heart of Americans by taking on the flavours and colours of what America loves. Ask an American what would be his preferred choice of food order, and most Americans would rate pizzas among their top 5 items. This food is loved so much by Americans, that they have taken it and made their own epic recipes from it, such as the New York cheese slice or the Chicago deep dish pizza. American’s took Italy’s favourite pie and jazzed it all up with their favourite foods. Not only did America make savoury and delicious renditions of the classic cheese and toppings, they made various sweet and delicious versions of pizza as well. The success of this adaptation can be seen worldwide through the proliferation of pizzerias and Italian restaurants wherever you set food across the globe. However, many pizza lovers prefer their local kitchens when it comes to warm, melt in the mouth, cheese oozing pizzas.

One such extremely popular chain is Amicci’s in Detroit. Amiccis has been operating since 1981 and has become a local favourite in terms of pizzas. They have stayed operational and among one of the most popular pizzerias locally by sourcing quality ingredients and staying on top of the customers needs. Being in touch with the pulse of the locals, Amicci’s has built and developed a menu of over 100 items, which keep the business hustling and bustling throughout the day. Among all these items, the top 3 favourites loved by the locals are:

  1. Broasted Chicken : If there is one thing that America just cannot live without, it is their chicken. Chicken is the most ordered food in America, and Amicci’s knows how close a well cooked chicken is to the heart of every American. Therefore, Amicci’s combines these two and brings the best of both worlds to the plate of Detroit. Order your favourite pizza from Amicci’s along with the lip smacking combination of fried chicken on the side to make one heart warming wholesome meal. The meal options available cater to a wide spectrum of people as well since Amicci’s offers portions as little as 2 pieces and as large as 48 pieces.
  2. Pepperoni Bread : As mentioned earlier, America took the Italian pizza under its wing and transformed it into one of its most favourite foods. Pepperoni pizzas emerged from the kitchen of New York, again bringing together two of the most popular foods into a delicious combination. Pepperoni pizzas quickly took America by storm and became the poster child of pizzerias all over the world. Therefore it would come as no surprise that since the time of its opening, pepperoni pizza has been a hot favourite of Amicci’s customers, with it being one of the top ordered items whether it comes to dining in or home delivery. Combine this with the fact that Amicci’s uses the highest quality mozzarella available for all their pizzas, and Amicci’s customers just cannot get enough of the delicious combination.
  3. Cinnamon Bread : One would think that an Italian diner would specialise in all things pizza and pasta, but what a pleasant surprise it is to know that Amicci’s delivers one of the most delicious cinnamon breads in Detroit. This dish has given very stiff competition to all the other items available on Amicci’s menu to become one of the most popular items that customers like to order at the end of a meal, or along with a home delivery order.

Other than the obvious delicious food that the local pizzerias bring to their table another reason why people prefer their local pizza diners over large chains is that the local chains offer way more convenience and customer centricity. Amicci’s is known to operate till late hours into the night delivering high quality delicious food for all the late night cravings. Not only this, they have made the whole experience customer friendly by creating their own app, which helps the customer to track their order real time. For the more health conscious diners, Amicci’s also offers a whole range of salads, which promise to be as delicious and appetising as their cheese loaded pizza breads and fried chicken.

The fact that Amicci’s has built a place in the customer’s hearts can be seen from the fact that Amicci’s has expanded their operations to Highland Park, and Hamtramck and is successfully operating in these two locations.

While the world navigates through challenging and changing times, the love for food remains unparalleled and undiminished. Humans turn to their favourite foods as a solace and an escape from the difficult times. It would be safe to assume that as long as the love for food lives, pizzas will continue to reign on the hearts of Americans through their various different and evolving tastes, and pizzerias like Amicci’s will continue to dedicatedly bring home America’s favourite food, piping hot, prepared with love, and delivered by the most hard working delivery executives, who make sure that America keeps running, one slice at a time.