The Great American Pizza Story

December 15th, 2020

While the world is thankful to Italy for giving us the gift of pizzas, nations worldwide have taken this pie and turned it into a vessel for their favorite flavors and tastes. When this dish came to America, the American’s created versions of this which bear little or no resemblance to the original pizza pie of Italy.

A food that originally came to America in the 1800s but only started to soar in popularity after the second world war, quickly took America by storm as pizzerias flourished and gained popularity towards the later half of the twentieth century. With the first pizzeria opening in New York, soon both the east and west coast were full of pizza joints lined up and creating new kinds of pizzas to appease the taste buds of the Americans.

Today, the American pizza industry is estimated to bring in around $46 billion in revenues. The rise of the popularity can be attributed to the fact that this dish can be so easily customized as per the taste preference and is easy to make. Americans have used barbecue chicken and a variety of meats as toppings and made the pizza more or less local to America. Not just this, while traditionally pizza is consumed hot, and as a main during lunch or dinner, a growing number of Americans also eat cold leftover pizza for breakfast, a trend popular among millennial Americans.

A wide variety of cheese is also used as a topping on pizza to create a plethora of flavour, with the most popular cheese being mozzarella, with most restaurants opting to choose a low moisture variety of it as their go to topping. Some US pizzas also mix provolone with mozzarella to bring a distinct taste to the cheese toppings.

The versatility that the pizza dish offers has led it to be one the most commonly prepared and ordered food around the globe, with it dominating in the quick serve restaurant industry as well as having a heavy standing among the specialty food segment, where dedicated restaurants serve up gourmet pizzas and offerings which they craft with special focus and attention.

The most popular topping on a pizza is pepperoni with most Americans considering a pepperoni pie to be synonymous to the great American Pizza. While meat lovers swear over the taste and authenticity of the pepperoni, the options for vegan and veggie pizzas in America have also increased along with the rising popularity of veganism as a healthier life choice among most Americans. Mushrooms and broccoli are popular choices among veggie pizza lovers.

Closely following pepperoni is the New York style pizza on the list of the most popular pizzas in America. The New York style pizza is an evolved version of the Neapolitan pizza. Traditionally having tomato sauce and cheese on the base along with a choice of toppings that go on it depending on the choice of the person ordering it. Despite the name being after the city where this was founded, this dish has gained tremendous popularity worldwide and is one of the most ordered types of pizza.

Another very popular style of pizza preparation is the deep dish pizza. Essentially an inverted pizza, this pizza has several layers of cheese, meat and toppings. The crust of this pizza is flaky, and the traditional layers of the pizza are inverted to create this chunky baked pizza offering. The serving size, consumption style, and preparation technique for this pizza differs widely from the traditional thin crust and pan style pizzas. In fact, this pizza has become so widely popular that every year April 5th is celebrated as National Deep Dish Pizza Day.

Although some pizzas are known and loved across geographies and ages, some pizza preparations are not without controversy. The very heated debate among pizza lovers is whether pineapple is an acceptable topping on pizza or not. Notwithstanding the debate, pineapple has grown in popularity among pizza lovers and is soon giving tough competition to other traditionally popular toppings such as mushrooms.

Other popular variations and types of pizzas that are very popular among various states of America are the tomato pie, the California style pizza and several others.

One of the leading causes of the rising popularity of pizza is the number of pizza chains that have opened in the early 21st century and the effort taken by these pizza chains to customise their offerings to their patrons’ choices. One such very popular pizza chain is Amicci’s pizza in Detroit which has been operating since 1981 and has since been serving Highland park, Downtown, Midtown, Corktown, East village and Southwest detroit. Across decades of serving up delicious pizzas Amicci’s has also built a strong community of regulars in the cities it operates in. The chain offers several pizza preparations such as the thin crust, the deep dish pizza, and several specialty pizzas that they have developed with a lot of care and attention. Not just this, Amicci’s also serves up a full line of salads, Italian dinners and broasted chicken variations, which have also gained a lot of traction among the locals.

For the tech lovers, the chain has a website through which food can be ordered directly, and several coupons that customers can use. Amicci’s also offers an app that offers a great deal of savings and also allows the customer to track their order.